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Thom and Kyan
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Hello people! My name is kitananagasaki and I am the moderator of this loverly place. I was bored one day and I was making icons and I made a random one of Thom and Kyan...then I realized that particular pairing doesn't have a whole community, and they should because they're great. So I got even more bored, and made this place!

Have fun!

1. Stay on topic...basically anything about Queer Eye is ok...but this is thom_and_kyan and not queereye.
2. No fighting! Please!! Let's be nice and be kind and make friends here not enemies.
3. No promoting other communities unless they are Queer Eye related.
4. If you're posting either a large number of pictures or really big ones please put them under a lj-cut.
5. If you are posting a story you can put some information about it, but put the actual thing under a lj-cut.

*some of these are obvious...but regardless they're on the list...=)
1. Pictures!
2. Fan Ficton/Slash/Poems/Writing
3. Things they do on any episode/appearance/etc...
4. Quizzes
5. Random things you think of about them during the day.
6. Icons/Graphics (you can make your own rules about them)
8. Other webpages we can go to
9. Narratives (i.e. You were at Pier 1 and you could hear Thom talking to you...)
10. News
11. *insert your own idea here*


Wanna be a really nice person and promote the community? Here are some buttons that you can upload at TinyPic or something and link the place.

The basic code would be this with a "<>" instead of "[]".

[a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/thom_and_kyan/"][img src="image link"][/a]

And then here's the pics...

That's enough for now! Enjoy!